Brief: A short video promo showing the Nairobi National Park Experience

Objective: Show the Nairobi National Park experience

With the pandemic of COVID-19 affecting travel worldwide and nationwide, few places within Nairobi were open.

Nairobi National Park was one of them.


Part of Trek Beyond strategy was to increase bookings to Nairobi National Park.

They wanted a short 1 minute video that would be ideal for Instagram, emphasizing the experience.


Brief: An Instagram video showing the 22 km hike to Ford Falls 

Objective: Show the fun, the hike, the challenge.

Afrimax Tours needed a fun video for their Instagram page.

The focus of the video was the hike, the fun and the pay off; Ford falls

Dopamine Social Media Push

Brief: A promo video for garden city screening the latest MARVEL AVENGERS movie

Objective: Engage shoppers in a quiz to win movie tickets for two 

Garden City Cinema was keen to capitalize on the hype of MARVEL'S AVENGERS.

Through Dopamine Social Media Push,this video was used to create buzz.